Supreme Disposable Pod Device 5000 Puffs

Disposable vape devices are a great option for new users who want to start vaping without worrying about maintenance or refilling. Supreme disposable pens come in an array of flavors and are easy to use.

These devices feature simple draw-activation firing mechanisms. They also offer a high puff count and are easy to carry.


Supreme Disposable is a small and compact pen-like device that delivers a smooth vape experience. This sleek, pocket-friendly and easy to use pen is a great choice for smokers who are looking to quit their tobacco habit.

Supreme has a number of high-tech disposable devices to choose from including the Pandora Nano, the Max 2% and the Prime cig. Each of these products has a unique feature or benefit that makes them stand out from the competition.

The Supreme Epic is their newest disposable device and boasts a 5000 puff count, a mesh coil and a 1500 mAh battery. It is available for single-use or in multi-packs.

The Supreme Cig 5% disposable vape is another popular option from the company, featuring a 7 ml e-liquid capacity and 2000 puffs of flavorful goodness. It has been engineered to deliver a satisfying smoke-free experience and is sure to impress even the most experienced vaper. It also has a stylish look to it that is sure to turn heads!


Supreme disposable vapes are a great option for smokers who are looking to try vaping without committing to an expensive device. These devices are easy to use and come with ready-to-use e-liquid.

They are self-activated, meaning there is no need to press any buttons or tinker with settings. All you have to do is simply draw on the mouthpiece and enjoy!

These disposables are available in a wide variety of flavors. These include menthol, fruits, and desserts.

They are a popular choice for cigarette smokers who want to switch to vaping. They also come in a range of nicotine concentrations, including 0%, 2%, and 5%.


Supreme Disposable is a line of disposable vape devices that offer a variety of features and benefits. These vape pens are compact, easy to use, and available in many flavors. They also have a high battery life and are easy to clean. This means that they are a good choice for new vapers who want to try a disposable device without investing too much money. If you have a refillable vape kit, a disposable vape is an excellent backup in case the cartridge runs out or you are unable to find an e-liquid flavor that you love.

Supreme Disposable has an extensive line of vaporizers, including the Pandora series. The Pandora is the company’s biggest disposable yet, with a 5000 puff pre-filled pod system and a pocket-friendly design that makes it easy to carry. The device is powered by a 1500mAh built-in battery and includes 24 delicious flavors. It is available in multi-packs or as single-use devices.